The main objective of BIOSTEC is to offer software assistance in different fields of biomedicine according to the specific needs of our clients. Elaboration of databases either for research or clinical purposes, programs of clinical or functional diagnosis based in artificial intelligence methods, programs for digital processing of biophysical signals, A/D sampling programs, protection of databases or programs carried in external supports, protection of confidentiality of personal data, etc… are specific needs related to biomedical or pharmaceutical research and clinical practice. We distribute and license InfoPFT, a program for interpretation of pulmonary function tests, or Proliso software for safe installation of copyrighted programs. Our company elaborates specific software under demand, always in narrow relationship with our clients in order to better fit their needs, and obtain more accurate results. All our products dispose of a trial period (according to the complexity of the software) previous to their full activation.

BIOSTEC is the acronym of “Servicios Informáticos Biosanitarios SL”, registered in the Registro Mercantil of Barcelona [nº 034071406 017/1905. Tomo: 44325. Folio: 0047]

Servicios Informáticos Biosanitarios S.L.